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November 9th, 2004
03:12 pm


Jeez, how long has it been since I updated on the journal of life, and allowed others access to my boring and pitiful life! I never know what to write. All I'm doing is giving into peer pressure. Here goes...

-Have decided that I am to start going to the gym again. I still pay £34 a month to use the facilities, so may as well use them. Apparently, just by having a membership and paying a stupid amount doesn't get you fit. Oh no, that would be far too easy. So I shall start going again next week when I've sorted my life out. Watch this space. In fact, don't, because I will not end up going. Im such a kop out, think this is another of those pipe dreams.

-Reducing my hours at McD's. Last week I did 12 hours on Wednesday, 10 hours on Friday, 12 hours on Saturday and 11 hours on Sunday. Thats 45 altogether, and whilst its great earning money, I think I did a collective of about 2 hours at Uni. Grr, why cant there be more hours in a day. Bloody George Bush.

-Have decided that I am going to Florida in March next year. Only have to pay for flights, so thats good. Really need to get away and have a break, and where better to go. Will be my first holiday in yonks.

Need to speak to Lou regarding the piercing of my ear. Though on second thoughts, maybe youre not the right person. I'll end up with numerous piercings, tattoos and other shit! Yeah, a piercing would be kewl!

Love to you all (all three of ya!!)

Ryan x

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June 29th, 2004
04:32 pm


One to go...
...then its freedom (until results day!!)

Getrting hair cut tomorrow, should be good. Was tempted to have a summer cut, but I cant. Firstly, I dont know what a summer cut would look like, and secondly I have to be professional next week. Next summer perhaps...or winter

Big Brother is fantabulous. I really like it. Makes good bedtime viewing. I reckon that Shell should win, I reckon if I were in the house me n her would be mates. But, as I am not in the BB house, we are not. Her loss I think

Tired today - mentally drained. Went to the cash point to winthdraw some cash and completely forgot my pin number. I reckon that there is a limit to the information that the brain can hold, before it collapses and dies. I think I am nearly thers.

I now owe the Espresso Sandwich shop £2.35 - will repay tomoz. Feel all grown up though, was like I was buying the sandwich on finance! i did have some money, but was reluctant to spend it. Luckily they had no change for my £10, so I said I would owe it them.

#Tommorrow, tommorrow, I'll update tommorow...#

Ry x

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Current Music: Steve Wright on R-r-r-r-r-r-adio 2

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June 27th, 2004
08:31 pm


The hour has commeth....
...wow, Economics 5 and 6 only 12hr29mins away, and I am honestly shitting it. I shouldnt be, because if I apply myself I am sure I can get a B at least. Grr, i hope so!!!

Was thinking of going to the pub for an hour, to relax and wind-down. Mentally drained at the moment - Im sure there is a limit to the amount of economics that one can fit into one's head. I think I am just about there.

Pass or fail - the exams are nearly over - hurrah!

Going to town Thursday night after the McMeeting at the Acton Court. Should be good. Then going out on Friday and Sat too...there is no stopping me!!

Off to London next Sunday. Am excited - gives me something to look forward to after the unmentionables!!

Adios amigos - see you on the other side!

Ry x

PS - Good Luck to Lucy and Laura on their up-and-coming exams!! One day, you will be a man, my son.

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June 22nd, 2004
06:48 pm


Bought an England shirt. £24. Bargain.

Feel kinda racist in it though. Fit right in then!!

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June 18th, 2004
03:38 am


Long time no chat...
Lappy just back from docs, lookin good!

Revison going well. Think i'm ready for ECN5 - tho it is bloody difficult and fairly involved. ECN6 to go, which is far easier. Oh, and Polyfits, which i've just started revision for. There is nothing to learn however, just the regurgitation of some pointless information about Socialism, Conservatism, Liberalism and the bloody greens.

Exams going ok (i think), certainly better than the football. But England won yesterday. so thats good - apparently. Nearly got bottled in the Bulls Head for saying I didn't give a fook about the football, and I found it rather funny that they were beat. This, coupled with the fact that I have lots of respect for the French, and consider myself European rather than 'Minglish'!! (Thanx Laura!!)

Escaped to the beer garden, diet coke still in hand.

Big Bro, aint it really exciting. Havnet really watched BB since BB2, but the fight and the argument did make great TV, and was a welcome distraction from revision (and football).

I swear, the next child that is stood at the side of the road waving an St George of the Whites flag, expecting me to toot Fiestama's horn at them and break the law will be the victim of me driving into them.

Europe is great, don't let UKIP of the bleedin Tories ruin it. Bastards.

Don't mind me,


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May 27th, 2004
03:13 pm


ooh_inflation is a restricted area. Authorised personel only


From Go-Quiz.com

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May 25th, 2004
03:41 pm


...quality fonecall from my Dad in Magaluf.

Me: Hiya Dad, having a good time?
Him: No, ive just got out of jail.
Me: Shit, how long you been in there?
Him: 2 days
Me: What did you get arrested for?
Him: I had an altication with the police.
Me: You been fined?
Him: Yes, 1000Euros. Dont tell mum.
Me: Right...byeeeeeeee.

hmm, i have so many role models!!!

Aargh, my shins are still killing. Just back from gym. Think i'm gonna have to save for a Stannah at this rate.

Jeez, why do i tell people shit like this?

Current Mood: worriedworried
Current Music: Jackson - Billy Jean

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May 21st, 2004
10:19 am


The law is an ass

Its Friday - and as per I have nothing to do except revise and go to work. grr, wish I was more interesting.

Went to the Traffordable Centre last night, and got pulled by the police on the way home. Was uber exciting. The police car had a screen and extra buttons and allsorts. I think my next car definately has to be one of these. Excessive speed in a 30mph zone. And, to be fair, I must have been going about 50. But my music was playing, the road was empty and I just wanted to get home.

The police man claimed I was going around 60, but thats a joke. I dont think Fiestama goes 60, and if she does it takes a damn sight longer road that Trafford Boulevard to reach it! The camera (which is funky) didnt show me speading. In fact, it didnt show me at all. The police car was going around 47mph ('trying to catch me up'), but im sure, if he really wanted to have caught me he could have. And as I rightly pointed out, I was in a 1.1 Fiestama, and he was in, at least, a 2ltr Volvo.

My offences were:
- Excessive speeding in a 30mh zone (no evidence)
- Not applying my handbrake at the traffic lights and being eager to go (which, in my book is not an offence. If I had crossed the white line then that could be classed as an offence. But, as I didnt, I was just being a cock)
- And not having the requested documents; (MOT and Certificate of Insurance). Im sure this is not an offence, but I think he was just sooooo angry with himself about not catching me on the camera but hey, life is a bitch!!!

So thats it.  My night of pure craziness!!!  Now I cant say anything about loosly's driving!!

Bry (the speed demon!!) x 

Current Mood: crafty

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May 19th, 2004
01:39 pm


Its a Wednesday
Whats with today?
I had an economics exam...the pole wasnt in.
I went home...everyone was at work.
Couldnt find Anastacia, so had to dance to Sexy George instead.
I had to pay 82.9p per litre for unleaded fuel at the BP garage in Offerton Green.
Here the air machine was broke, so I couldnt put air in my tyres.
Drove to the Esso at the Fiveways. Found out unleaded was 81.9p. grr
Then found out it was 20p per tyre for air.--Had an egg mayo sandwich - should have opted for ham.
Still cant get a picture of myself onto my LiveJournal.

On a good note, got a space on the SexCrete - twice.
Lappy must nearly be fixed now.
Fiestama is happy, and when she is happy, I am happy.
I get paid tomorrow
Made an ace compilation tape for my Radio/Cass in Fiestama. Can now pretend to be Sexy George whilst driving.
Only got Business Studies left today, then going to the pub for a diet coke and a slice of lemon! Hopefully that moody bitch doesnt serve me - think I may try to make her laugh.

Dont know whether I should got to Tom's friends party on saturday night - everyone will be looking at me an passing comment. Grr. No, will stay at home. Thats final, so dont let me change my mind

Everyone goes on holiday this/next week. Dad off to Magaluf (he is nearly 40!) on saturday til wednesday. Mum and Phe off to Ibiza from Monday til Monday (I think, will have to investigate). At least, I think its this weekend, might be next. Hmm, should have listened. Will be nice to have some time to myself.

Think thats it. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best day I have ever had ever, 1 being the worst case scenario, like waking up out of my dream and finding that George Bush ACTUALLY was the President of the USA (God forbid), I would say i'm on about a 6, which is distinctly average.

Not my words Michael, the words of Shakin' Stevens,

Me x

Current Mood: melancholymelancholy
Current Music: Whatever the boy is playing thru his headfones to the left

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May 17th, 2004
07:59 pm


Hazel Grove rocks
It really does, and im shittin noone!!!

Just been to the pub with tom, was fab. Maybe im just gonna gooo for it...

Thanks Jules for the office cd! Really appreciate it. Still think my laptop is buggered though, got some bad sectors or summat. Grr, wish I was technological! Will return CD real soon :)

Off to gym, feel like rik waller. Great

Bry x

Current Mood: lovedloved
Current Music: Sexy George - Faith

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